Hi. My name is Buckley – “Buck” for short. Welcome to my website. I’ve gathered a few of my other four-legged buddies to help me design the site and launch a company whose vision rests on thing: offering the highest quality dog treats and accessories at an affordable price.

We live in a city called Springfield in the state of Missouri – just about squat in the middle of the country. Our humans are pretty down to earth – they live in normal houses on normal streets – nothing big or fancy. We do things that most Midwesterners do walking, running … there’s countless hiking trails, lakes, streams and Ozark Mountains to climb.

We aren’t a big corporation, nor do we want to be. We want to buy really good things from local bakers, crafters, artists and entrepreneurs and then bring them to you. We believe in making life more simple – laying in the sun more and not chasing squirrels so much – so that’s why we made this site simple. You can order just one or two of the things you need or want…and/or you can sign up to receive a monthly pack filled with all sorts of treats and goodies.

It’s always a really good day when my mailman drops off that pack at the door. I laugh when my pups seem to have just as much fun with the box as they do with what’s in it. Go figure.

Click here and take a look at all the great things we have to offer. Check back often because we are growing faster than a new pup in the spring.