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Welcome to K9 Wins!

Howdy and welcome to K9Wins! My name is Buckley, but most people call me Buck. Or Buckaroo. If there’s a scratch behind the ears or a belly rub involved, I’ll answer to about anything.

Not so long ago, my humans were having a heckuva time. What with all the things we had going on, there just never seemed to be time to get to the pet store. Weeks passed without a new toy or dog treats. I was getting a little restless. All the squeakers were freed from my toys. My dog treats were more than a little stale. My antler wasn’t doing the trick anymore. I was at the end of my chew rope. It was time to take matters into my own paws. I did the one thing that always got their attention. One evening, I got a pair of Mom’s slippers and started munching. It did wonders for my boredom, and Mom definitely noticed my efforts! Sure enough, Mom and Dad decided it was time to restock the dog treats. Unfortunately, it was late, and the pet store was already closed. Another day without a toy for Buck. Not even a belly rub could make that better.

That’s when we decided to start this website. It’s an easy way for great humans like mine to get incredible dog treats, toys and gift delivered right to their door every single month! Mom and Dad got to work on the site, and I got to work gathering up pups in the neighborhood to start testing the products. Man, did we have a good time tasting new dog treats and trying out the toys! This means every single box is full of awesome things that are “Buck tested. Buck approved.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking. What if you’re looking for a one time treat? Something special because your four-legged pal graduated with honors from obedience school, or she needs a snazzy new collar for a big event. Not to fret. We do one-time orders, too.

So go ahead and shop around. Or jump right in with your monthly subscription by clicking that order now button below. Make sure you check out the rest of the site while your here. My pals and I have some fun stories to share and useful tips over in Buck’s Blog. We hope you love K9 Wins! as much as we do!

Let me tell you a little story about my dad. He’s a poker player. Or maybe I should say he’s a terrible poker player. It broke my heart to watch him lose hand after hand, especially since dogs are notoriously good poker players. There’s even a famous painting to prove it.

When I heard Dad was going to play in a tournament, I went along, hoping to lend a helping paw. He was OK for the first few hands, but then it all started coming apart. Dad was out of his depth and dog paddling to save what few chips he had left. That’s when I saw what he was holding – a King and a 9! That’s what we poker pups call a K9. My poor dad had no idea what he had in his hand. It was time for me to jump in. I nudged him a little with my nose.

Dad looked down and smiled. I gave him a little nod and panted. He got the hint and raised. The tension was higher than the waiting room at a vet’s office. He got two callers and then flopped a straight! The room erupted, and I was rewarded with a big ol’ scratch behind the ears.

I stuck right by his side for the next round. He was dealt a K9 of puppy feet (that’s clubs, in case you didn’t know). I gave him the same pant and nod, and he flopped a full house! Everyone at the table laughed and cheered.

Thanks to my help, Dad ended up winning the tournament. We celebrated with lots of treats for both of us.

It was a night I never forgot, and neither did Dad. It’s one of his favorite Buck stories to tell. It’s also part of the reason we both wanted to start this site. Dad knows that dogs are more than just pets; I know my Dad is more than just my owner. I’m his best buddy, and he’s my hero. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my dad smile. He loves my excitement every time a new dog treat or toy shows up at our front door. We want to share that with all of our human friends and their companions.

Click the button below to sign up. Show your pups how much they mean to you with a K9 Wins! Pack each month.

We started this service because our owners were looking for great things like new treats, toys, collars, leashes and bowls for us – high quality at a great price. They wanted to be able to order this kind of stuff online and have it shipped right to their people house…because we lead busy lives…so many trees and fire hydrants to mark, so many squirrels to chase.

We just don’t have time to hit the pet store on a regular basis. So we developed a shopping service just for you – designed by human lovers for pet lovers…or something like that. You get the idea. We are real people and real animals living in a neighborhood a lot like yours. We are not a big-box store or chain. We believe in offering good quality products at a fair price that our friends will love.

All of our boxes are “Buck Approved.”

Click here to start your account and get your first box delivered. There’s a big lick in the face in every box!

Learning how to deal with the death of a pet
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Pup tested. Pup approved. We offer a variety of toys and other good stuff designed for dogs to have fun, look good and feel even better. We concentrate on quality first, affordable second with FUN running side-by-side with each of those. We believe that’s what sets us apart from all the other sites, making this your No. 1 site for your No. 1 Pup!


Ideas & Inspiration



We all love our furry friends. Let’s take care of them!
weimaraner laying down

Top Summer Safety Tips

— from PetHealthNetwork.com

Never leave your dog in a hot car! Make sure your pet is protected from fleas, ticks and mosquitos! Keep your dog’s paws cool! Give you dog his very own “kiddy pool”! But don’t assume your dog can swim well! Always provide access to fresh drinking water and shade.

warm weather care tips for your pet

Autumn Safety Tips

— from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Watch out for rat and mouse poisons. Keep back-to-school supplies out of the reach of your pet. Be aware of toxic mushrooms. Watch out for wildlife (including venomous snakes).

Learning how to deal with the death of a pet
warm weather care tips for your pet

Springtime Safety

— The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Keep lilies and candy away from your pets, as well as plastic grass. Make sure your windows are properly screen. Secure your pets safely in a crate or specially designed seatbelt harnesses. Watch out for spring cleaning supplies as well as paints, mineral spirits and solvents as well as fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides.

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Sir Furby

“K9 Wins always chooses my favorite toys! It’s uncanny!”

warm weather care tips for your pet


“Playing in the yard is my game! But nothing is better than resting my belly on a cool summer slate floor.”

Learning how to deal with the death of a pet


“Chasing cars right now. Be right back with some GRrrrreat stuff!!!”

weimaraner laying down

Soul Baby

“Howdy!!! We are eating a new pair of shoes and can’t update this right now. Check back after we have completely destroyed them!”

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